Why you should rent a Serviced Office


For a business flexibility is generally the deciding factor when choosing a serviced offices over a traditional lease. Most companies starting off can’t accurately predict how quickly they’ll grow over a certain period of time. The flexible terms associated with a serviced office allows a company to take additional space on short term notice when needed or even downsize if required. This means a company can up and move out in short notice without paying the massive break clause usually linked to a traditional lease.

The flexible lease terms can range from rolling month to month contracts to more commonly 6, 9, 12 months. This allows a business to grow or shrink without the long term contract commitment associated with a traditional lease.

The serviced office industry is one the fastest growing sectors in the global property market today. One of the primary reasons for this growth is the flexibility associated with a serviced office

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International Corporate Centre offers luxurious serviced offices in two beautifully restored Georgian buildings on St Stephen's Green and Harcourt Street. Our luxurious suites overlook the beautiful gardens of St Stephen's Green.


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