Why you should rent a Serviced Office

Why you should rent a Serviced Office


For a business flexibility is generally the deciding factor when choosing a serviced offices over a traditional lease. Most companies starting off can’t accurately predict how quickly they’ll grow over a certain period of time. The flexible terms associated with a serviced office allows a company to take additional space on short term notice when needed or even downsize if required. This means a company can up and move out in short notice without paying the massive break clause usually linked to a traditional lease.

The flexible lease terms can range from rolling month to month contracts to more commonly 6, 9, 12 months. This allows a business to grow or shrink without the long term contract commitment associated with a traditional lease.

The serviced office industry is one the fastest growing sectors in the global property market today. One of the primary reasons for this growth is the flexibility associated with a serviced office


Serviced office providers offer a total all-inclusive office package to clients without any of the hidden costs attached. This can sometimes make serviced offices seem more expensive on paper however once you take these expenses into account a serviced office generally works out more cost efficient  than a conventional lease. A serviced office is a lot more affordable than you think 

Firstly there’s always a saving when you buy in bulk. In a Serviced office the provider buys services for the whole Centre in bulk.  The companies renting the office space then pay percentage of a cost that would be considerably more if they were buying services for just that space along.

Secondly no capital or borrowing for up-front costs are necessary. In order to proceed the company simply requires a deposit which is commonly just one to two month’s rent in advance.

Finally a business could potentially reduce staff numbers. When renting a serviced office a business is essentially outsourcing the tasks a Secretary/Receptionist/Administrator would generally carry out on a day to day basis.  Tasks such as answering phones; meet and greet clients; secretarial and admin support and so on.  This eliminates the necessity to hire staff to help with these tasks

Serviced offices provide all the additional benefits that support a business in its daily running allowing the company to fully concentrate on the priorities that matter. 

Services Included

The wide range of services commonly include a full time receptionist, telephone lines, handset rentals, light/heat/electricity, property rates, property insurance, office cleaning, 24/7 access, security, building & plant maintenance, wastage and so on.

A notable beneficial extra provided free of charge is the Receptionist/Secretarial service. The receptionist will represent all businesses in a professional manner. Answer calls in your company name, take calls when you’re not there, forward messages, handle mail and so on. In addition they can do anything from ordering a taxi, booking a hotel room, order stationary or binding documents.

The only additional charge, on top of rent is generally for the use of meeting rooms which are charged by the hour (if used) or potential internet/ telephone usage. Some providers offer meeting room usage as part of the office package, offer discounted rates or even free of charge internet/telephone usage so these are not necessarily an additional charge with some providers

Fully furnished

Serviced offices also come fully furnished. The cost of these furnishings are part of the monthly rent which includes any desk, chair or storage unit requirements. Furniture can be a significant cost for any company so this is one less thing to worry about

Generally a company could lose a significant amount of time moving into a new premises waiting for the internet/telephone companies to install lines, waiting for the furniture to arrive etc.  

With a serviced office everything is ready to go from day one. From the IT/communications equipment to the specified furniture requirement and layout. In addition in order to support computer networking nearly all serviced offices are fully fitted with Category 5 or 6 cabling.


Another massive plus to a serviced office is that a business doesn’t have to worry about any maintenance issues attached to a property.

There’s always someone on hand to fix a problem. Ranging from technical, plumbing or electrical issues to simply changing a light bulb there’s always someone there to help

These issues can potentially waste a lot of time. A serviced office allows a businesses to focus on their priorities.


A company with a professional and prestigious address will always help a business get noticed and put them where they need to be.  Serviced office centres are found in some of the best locations in a city. This situates a business near their clients and potential competitors alike with helps improve the business profile.  

As serviced offices are commonly situated in best locations within a city’s business district they’re almost always close to all the cities major transport systems  


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